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Many of our students, clients, and members have had such great experiences that they write us page long testimonials! Due to limited spacing, to finish reading a testimonial click read more to be directed to the full length testimony. These are a handful of dozens more available.

Personal Wellness Retreat 2020:

I sent my daughter to stay at Earth Spirit Lodge for a month of intensive daily counseling and peace training with Alaric.

"I can’t thank Alaric Hutchinson enough for the counseling, peace, and compassion that he bestowed on my daughter. He saw her for who she was and not for all the labels she had been given. Today we don’t think of her as our mentally ill daughter but as a thriving, calm, brilliant young lady who has the world at her fingertips..." [read more]


You will not regret working with Alaric and will probably, like myself, wonder why you waited so long to get started.

"I am business owner and mother of seven children, two of which have special needs. My children are all adopted and come with their own unique life experiences and trauma. I love my large unique family and would not change it, with this said, you can see I have a very busy life and many people and things I am responsible for. Alaric's life coaching and Ultimate Zen Like Makeover has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I cannot say enough about how his program has had a positive impact not only on my life but the lives of anyone who comes into contact with me. I feel there is not one person who wouldn’t benefit from working with Alaric and his peace teachings..." [read full testimony]


It always seemed to take forever to discover anything insightful during other expensive therapy sessions. This couldn’t have been anymore different with Alaric.

"I am a 37 year old married man and the proud father of two beautiful and smart children. My daughter is in a wheelchair and will never walk due to a rare congenital muscular myopathy. This has been a struggle for everyone involved. I am a Registered Nurse and the Director of Operations for a national healthcare system and I can not say enough about Alaric and the positive changes he has brought to me and my family. He was honestly a life changing event for me..." [read full testimony]


I speak earnestly when I say just how in depth Alaric's teachings, trainings, and programs are when it comes to cultivating and inspiring each student to become the most peaceful, confident, & strong yet kind versions of themselves!

"I was born in England, lived in Sweden and Singapore as an adult, and in 2010 found my way to Arizona in the United States where I found a spiritual teacher and spiritual tradition that was perfect for me. It’s quite humorous really, having traveled around the world to find that a young “Zen Cowboy” in AZ was who I most got on with!..." [read full testimony]



Healing addiction:

Alaric was able to bring my husband back to life...

“I had the honor of meeting Rev. Alaric during an extremely difficult time in my life. My husband had come across his website while searching for some counseling. My husband at the time was struggling with a drug addiction and extreme mood swings and anger issues. I was desperately seeking help for him and knew from past experiences that what he needed was not going to be found in the rooms of AA or any other traditional rehabilitation program... [read more]


Healing depression:

In traditional counseling, not only was my daughter not improving she was getting worse. Something else had to be done, which is when a mutual friend referred me to Alaric.

“Our story started approximately 4 months prior. I had discovered my daughter was in some kind of pain and was hurting herself. I was scared and confused and didn’t know how to help my baby. Her dad and I sent her to a traditional therapist out of fear, ASAP. With every meeting my daughter was slipping further and further away. Not only was my daughter not improving, she was getting worse. Something else had to be done. Then a mutual friend of ours referred us to Alaric... [read more]

Healing Corporate Stress:

I no longer have issues at work, I don’t bring work home, my blood pressure is the best it has ever been!

“As an office manager in a business with 100 employees, including 3 owners and 12 managers—a day does not go by without some type of incident little or large. Before working with Alaric I always brought work home with me. I drank or made other poor choices to cope with the stress, had terrible anger issues, and critically high blood pressure to boot! After several weeks of attending classes, reading Living Peace, and practicing the philosophy, I noticed a change at work...” [read more]


I went through what I would explain as a serious nervous breakdown, which finally prompted me to reach out and set up weekly sessions with Alaric.

"Coming from a Christian background I have certain views and beliefs that I've been taught. Keeping an open mind I am learning many different viewpoints that allow me to enhance those Christian values and even see things in more colors. It’s like my Crayola Box of 54 has now been expanded to a box of 108. Alaric has a way about him. He is genuine and kind. Nonjudgmental and caring yet honest and true in his views and methods, which I found extremely easy to connect with." [read more]

More Reviews:

Alaric actually practices everything he preaches...

"Having been through years of counseling with dozens of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and religious leaders, I can honestly say Alaric has had a more significant impact on my life than anyone else. He has taken a different approach than them all that, I believe, is based on his connection to truth, the Universe, and God.


Unlike many people that have found themselves in professions or church callings of counseling others, many, paradoxically, are not at peace or happy themselves. Alaric actually practices everything he preaches, making for powerful sessions of wisdom and connection.


More specifically, Alaric has been in tune to make a huge difference with my long history of chronic suicidal ideation, existential panic, OCD, attention issues, and borderline and avoidant personality disorders through his spiritual/holistic lens more than the most esteemed Clinical Psychologists have been able to."

― Jason Lines

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