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Healing Depression

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From the first session my daughter showed signs of improvement...


Our story started approximately 4 months prior. I had discovered my daughter was in some kind of pain and was hurting herself. I was scared and confused and didn’t know how to help my baby.


Her dad and I sent her to a traditional therapist out of fear, ASAP. With every meeting my daughter was slipping further and further away. Not only was my daughter not improving, she was getting worse. Something else had to be done. Then a mutual friend of ours referred us to Alaric.


From the very first session my daughter showed signs of improvement. Alaric has taught my daughter the tools she needs to help herself. My daughter can relate to Alaric and she trusts him. She is continuing to heal, improve and feel more self-confident each time.


The positive and spiritual sessions with Alaric are a key, everyone can use in their lives to live a healthy and productive life. I highly recommend Alaric Hutchinson to anyone needing help (young or old), to heal, accept, focus, and grow.


― Jill Cox


After my son was hospitalized for depression I took him to see Alaric...


Alaric is an amazing kind soul that I would highly recommend! My son suffered from depression and was actually hospitalized. I noticed NO change in my son after coming home from the center they placed him in.


Most therapists just want to go over, and over, AND OVER the negative aspects of your life with no tools on how to combat the issues. Alaric gave my son the tools and techniques that he needed. He also taught him that basically, "what you think is what you are." If you think happy you will be happy - period. Although this is a simplified explanation, the reconditioning of the mind is such a powerful healing tool!


I will hands down take my son back to Alaric if he has any more issues. My son was always so calm, centered, and happy each time I picked him up from his weekly sessions. I cannot thank Alaric enough for the abundance of love and support that he gave my son!


― Jodie

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