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A Road to Wellness

Wellness comes down to a singular focus: The mind-body is either in a stress state (sympathetic mode) or it’s in a peaceful rest state (parasympathetic mode). To live a long, consistently happy and healthy life it’s vitally important to shift our daily lifestyle to one of peace. Flooding our body with stress hormones each day is the leading factor to numerous mental and physical illnesses. Therefore, here at Earth Spirit Lodge, we help people reach and then maintain the healing mind-body state of inner peace.


Staying at or receiving services from Earth Spirit Lodge, you’re not simply working with trained professionals. You’re learning alongside people who have committed their life to peace, are genuinely happy, and have mastered the art of living harmoniously with others.


Although we love “Ah-ha” moments when great discoveries are made, we recognize that lives don’t change without continued action. Thus, we make sure our guests, students, and clients receive the support they need to develop a peace practice that allows the wisdom gained here to flourish throughout their life for many years to come.

Life Coaching & Root-Psychology Healing

We help you discover the root of any stagnancy or suffering in your life. Once found, we then provide relevant teachings and practices to aid in the mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual healing process.

Key Areas of Transforming Mental & Emotional Suffering:

Unhappiness, Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Guilt, Shame, Insecurity, Fear, Anger, Resentment, Stagnation

Reconciling the above will then help you heal:

Addictions, Relationship Conflicts, Core Life Wounds, Past Traumas, Repeating Karmic Patterns

We also work alongside traditional psychiatry to assist with:

ADHD, PTSD, Clinical Depression, Bi-Polar, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harming, OCD, ODD, Schizophrenia, Narcissism, Neurosis, Psychosis, and all forms of Abuse.

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Fifteen minute


Chat with Alaric over the phone and ask any questions you have about the life coaching or studentship process.


Share your hopes and goals to hear how Alaric can specifically assist and tailor a program to fit your needs for uplifting and invigorating results.

Text to schedule (970) 880-2297


$150 ⎢ single  or  $500 ⎢ four

Life Coaching

What mental, emotional, spiritual, or relationship goals are you working towards? Receive clarity, guidance, and accountability as you progress. Alaric specializes in the areas mentioned above and embodies unconditional acceptance, creating a safe space for any topics to be discussed.

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Home Desk

$555/mo   or   $1400 prepaid for three

Monthly Studentship

Pre-Req. Life Coaching intro session.

Journey through the nine core teachings of Living Peace with a structured program. Explore the unique philosophy, psychology, and spiritual teachings that Dunisha - our approach to peace and healing - has to offer.

*Meet weekly in person or via phone

Inquire for Course Outline

If you're ready for more...

Our student program, although also a healing journey, is excellent for hearts and minds that already have reached some state of balance. Doing the studentship amidst a life crisis or heavy distractions is simply not conducive for effective progress to be made. Thus, it's recommended to start with Life Coaching to first resolve any major conflicts in your life.

 ~ A deeply enriching and enlightening experience ~

In our studentship, you work directly with Alaric 1:1 each week for a number of months, progressing through the core teachings of Dunisha: Living Peace: Philosophy, Living Joy: Psychology, Living Earth: Spirituality.

Each week contains a new discovery to be made as you delve deeper into the teachings and learn peace practices that will enrich your life and expand your mind. As you progress through the program, each week also contains specialized homework that assists you in accessing your subconscious mind, strengthening your self-discipline and self-mastery, while cultivating a genuine sense of being "at peace" and "in joy" with yourself and the greater world.

Additionally, throughout the entirety of your studentship, you will also be receiving life coaching for any questions or difficulties that may unexpectedly arise in your everyday life.


On a concluding note, please know that the teachings, practices, and coaching all beautifully interweave forming an enlightening web of learning that will last you for the rest of your life. Below are a sampling of some testimonials from past clients and students.


"I sent my daughter to stay at Earth Spirit Lodge for a month of intensive daily counseling and peace training with Alaric. I cry every time I think of seeing her walk off that plane when she came back from Colorado with a smile on her face. She faced her demons head on and, with Alaric’s help, gained the strategies necessary to find the peace to move forward with her life." 

― Colleen

"Having been through years of counseling with dozens of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and religious leaders, I can honestly say Alaric has had a more significant impact on my life than anyone else. Unlike many people that have found themselves in professions or church callings of counseling others, many, paradoxically, are not at peace or happy themselves. Alaric actually practices everything he preaches, making for powerful sessions of wisdom and connection." ― Jason


"When I began meeting with Alaric, my days were characterized with chaos by thoughts of hopelessness and emotional suffering. Now, my tears are more often from gratitude for my transformation, which Alaric facilitated through his teaching and spirit. Having met with others at other points in my past and leaving not much better than I arrived, I can attest with conviction to the re-creation of thought, spirit, and being that comes from working with Alaric."  ― Dianne

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