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Meet Alaric

Author, Life Coach, & Modern Monk

Rev. Alaric Hutchinson is an expert in human behavior with a deep fondness for Zen philosophy. He combines the two, offering unique wisdoms that promote mind-body healing for clients and students as they apply the peace teachings in daily life. His book, Living Peace, introduces the nine teachings and practices that have become known as the Living Peace Code.


Alaric currently owns and runs Earth Spirit Lodge, a retreat center in Bayfield, Colorado for inner peace development. Over the past fifteen-years his background includes working with at-risk youth, addiction recovery, and post-prison rehabilitation. Although the beforementioned are important areas, Alaric also worked with everyday people dealing with everyday stressors and unhappiness. The commonality among each person was a lack of inner peace—which eventually became the crux of Alaric’s work.



Alaric was ordained as an interfaith minister in 2010 after graduating from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with an AOS degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology and extra certifications in Life Coaching and Reiki Healing. He later received an honorary Bachelors of Divinity from the Universal Brotherhood Movement for his continued education and engaged work in spiritual studies, outreach, and interfaith ministry.  


2010 also saw the opening of Earth Spirit Center for Healing, Alaric’s first brick and mortar business. For eight years, Alaric ran the center that housed his coaching practice, a bookstore, rooms for other practitioners, and a gathering space for classes and community events. During that time, Alaric was pastor of Earth Spirit Church for the first two years before focusing on a more practice-centered approach for the remaining six years as a life coach and modern monk teaching peace while still hosting community space. For eight consecutive years Alaric wrote and gave a live sermon every Sunday—only ever missing a few due to traveling.


In 2018 Alaric moved to Colorado and in 2020 he opened the doors to Earth Spirit Lodge for its first guests.


Presently, Alaric continues to coach, teach, and write—with his next book, Heart of Humanity, coming out in 2024. He is furthering his education with a masters in social work as well, soon to become a psychotherapist.


On the horizon is a modern monk ordination program through the Church of Dunisha—a 501c3 nonprofit founded by Alaric and fellow members in 2019. Although the word “church” is used, is doesn't do an effective job at expressing the inclusive spiritual path of Dunisha, which places greater emphasis on peaceful philosophy and psychological healing than on religiosity. Ordaining modern monks that embody peace and ministers able to provide wedding and funeral services are nonetheless important, as rites of passage is a universal human experience.

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