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A Road to Wellness

Wellness comes down to a singular focus: The mind-body is either in a stress state (sympathetic mode) or it’s in a peaceful rest state (parasympathetic mode). To live a long, consistently happy and healthy life it’s vitally important to shift our daily lifestyle to one of peace. Flooding our body with stress hormones each day is the leading factor to numerous mental and physical illnesses. Therefore, here at Earth Spirit Lodge, we help people reach and then maintain the healing mind-body state of inner peace.

Retreats include fully equipped cozy apartments with shower and kitchen.

High Speed Internet is also provided for remote working, although we recommend unplugging as much as possible while here.

We help you discover the root of any stagnancy or suffering in your life. Once found, we then provide relevant teachings and practices to aid in the mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual healing process.

Key Areas of Transforming Mental & Emotional Suffering:

Unhappiness, Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Guilt, Shame, Insecurity, Fear, Anger, Resentment, Stagnation

Reconciling the above will then help you heal:

Addictions, Relationship Conflicts, Core Life Wounds, Past Traumas, Repeating Karmic Patterns

We also work alongside traditional psychiatry to assist with:

ADHD, PTSD, Clinical Depression, Bi-Polar, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harming, OCD, ODD, Schizophrenia, Narcissism, Neurosis, Psychosis, and all forms of Abuse.

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4 Days to 10 Day Stay

General Wellness Retreat

Looking for a brief respite from your daily life? Our general wellness is excellent for people looking for a more free-flowing but still potent program to bring daily balance and help get them back on track mentally, emotionally physically, and spiritually.


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Two Week Stay

Life Reset Retreat

Enjoy this "life reset" while you take a deep dive into learning more about yourself through our Living Peace student program, combining philosophy, psychology, and eastern spirituality all into a unique insightful and healing experience.


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Two to Four Week Stay

Monastic Peace Retreat

Held a couple times each year, this retreat follows a structured schedule and intensive student program.

This retreat is also a pre-requisite for our Modern Monk Minister's Ordination Program coming in late 2023.

$2,400 - $4,000

Specialized Retreats

Each retreat includes daily one on one life coaching / peace training sessions with Alaric. The two-week Life Reset Retreat follows a student packet filled with additional writings to read, peace training practices, and introspective homework. The General Wellness Retreat is less structured but still potent - mainly focusing on life coaching around whatever questions and needs attendees wish to address.

Also included are solo Yoga classes with Ty Olsen, meditation training with Alaric, and whatever community functions may be occurring during the stay. Currently, Alaric gives a Peace Talk every other Sunday followed by a group meal. Weekly nature hikes are also enjoyed in the warmer months.


I sent my daughter to stay at Earth Spirit Lodge for a month of intensive daily counseling and peace training with Alaric. It was the best decision I have ever made with her.

To give you a brief history, she was diagnosed at 5 with anxiety, ODD and ADHD along with a learning disability of dyslexia. She was extremely bright and independent but wouldn’t listen to anyone including teachers just because they were an adult. This made going to counselors difficult and at the young age of 6 she threatened to kill herself 3 times if she didn’t get her way. Despite the advice of putting her in a residential home at the age of 6, I refused and found other ways to get her help. She did very well up until she hit puberty and then her anxiety started turning into OCD and other psychosis.

We have tried many ways of helping her from wilderness therapy to traditional pastors and working with psychologists. But through all this, the most effective help she has ever had was working intensively with Alaric. The daily counseling of peace teachings took a wild-eyed, high anxiety teenager with rage and turned her into a calm young woman who can smile again. I cry every time I think of seeing her walk off that plane when she came back from Colorado with a smile on her face. She faced her demons head on and with Alaric’s help gained the strategies necessary to find the peace necessary to move forward with her life. 

I can’t thank Alaric Hutchinson enough for the counseling, peace, and compassion that he bestowed on my daughter. He saw her for who she was and not for all the labels she had been given. Today we don’t think of her as our mentally ill daughter but as a thriving, calm, brilliant young lady who has the world at her fingertips. ― Colleen 2020

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