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Rochelle's Review


Rochelle Barnes

Owner, Barnes Family Services

I would like to share my experience with Alaric Hutchinson and how my time with him and his Ultimate Life Coaching program has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

I am a mother of seven children and two have special needs. My children are all adopted and come with their own unique life experiences and trauma. Two of them have special needs and I have to assist and understand them in different ways. I love my large unique family and would not change it.


I am also a business owner and, with this said, you can see I have a very busy life and many people and things I am responsible for. I have always been a "get everything done" person, while taking care of everyone and their needs. I am a master at making sure the world is taken care of and everything is done and organized. However, the most important thing I have neglected was ME.  


I am now taking care of myself and this in turn, as I am learning, takes care of everyone else. When I am at peace and feel centered, everything and everyone around me feels the energy, often unknowingly, and this changes how I approach each of my interactions in how I problem solve at work and lovingly support my family.


Due to the personal changes I am making I have watched my family also evolve in the ways we interact, which has drastically added to the calming of our home no matter the situation. I also see the change at the office with the employees, my extended family, and friends. 


Each week I learn something new when I video call with Alaric for our coaching time. In short, his program is amazing!! I love how he challenges me each week to improve on the awareness of my thoughts, actions, and how I communicate with others. 

Alaric is a young man and when I first met him I needed to be open minded about his age. I am a 54 year old woman and he is younger than some of my children. As we talked for the first time I felt that connection and energy he has. I instantly knew I was in the right place for what I needed and he was the perfect person to assist me on this amazing journey.


I cannot say enough about how his program is changing not only my life but the lives of anyone who comes into contact with me. I feel there is not one person who wouldn’t benefit from working with Alaric and his peace teachings.     

If you have been on the fence about starting or have this feeling you need something, then it’s the Universe's way of telling you to move forward. I would recommend you start here with Alaric; you will not regret it and will probably, like myself, wonder why you waited so long to get started.


I could go on and on about Alaric and his program. I am open to talking to anyone about my experience and answering any questions. Please feel free to email me at, call or text me, my cell number is 480-720-0887.  

Rochelle Barnes

August 2018


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