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Healing Addiction


Alaric brought my husband back to life...


I had the honor of meeting Rev. Alaric during an extremely difficult time in my life. My husband had come across his website while searching for some counseling.


My husband at the time was struggling with a drug addiction and extreme mood swings and anger issues. I was desperately seeking help for him and knew from past experiences that what he needed was not going to be found in the rooms of AA or any other traditional rehabilitation program.


My husband ended up having a coaching and reiki healing session with Alaric. After his very first session with Alaric my husband came out a changed man. I do not know what was actually said or what transpired in their meeting, all I know is that he has now been sober for 6 months and his anger issues and general outlook on life has changed dramatically.


When my husband found Alaric I really didn’t think he would be alive much longer if he continued on his destructive path. Through the assistance of higher powers, Alaric was able to bring my husband back to life. He gave him hope and a sense of peace. He reintroduced him to his soul, which had been lost for some time.


― Jenn


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