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Scott's Review


Scott Anderman

I am a 37 year old married man and the proud father of two beautiful and smart children. My daughter is in a wheelchair and will never walk due to a rare congenital muscular myopathy. This has been a struggle for everyone involved. I am a Registered Nurse and the Director of Operations for a national healthcare system. I love travel, nature, camping, boating, music, gardening, carpentry among so much more. I asked Alaric if I could share my story.  

I can not say enough about Alaric and the positive changes he has brought to me and my family. He was honestly a life changing event for me—providing a much needed novel perspective. At a real tough point in my life, I sought someone to help me with some major shifts I knew I needed to make. I had tried everything from increasing my workouts to the self help world to seeking numerous counselors through the years. Nothing seemed to help as I would easily fall back into my old ways and negative cycles soon after. I eventually realized in my arduous journey that I needed to make some more meaningful and enduring changes. Plus, my counselors, whether for my marriage or own personal care really only ever seemed to make things worse. It always seemed to take forever to discover anything insightful during these expensive therapy sessions, and then if they did, it never felt like they knew what to do afterwards.  

This couldn’t have been anymore different with Alaric. I have to say I felt a good energy immediately during my first consultation. I walked into his center one day after googling a more interpersonal, holistic, and maybe even spiritual approach to getting more out of life. I had begun dabbling in yoga and had tried meditation only a couple times before, but felt like there was definitely something interesting to me about these “new” techniques. They actually made me feel really good. So I looked for something more in that direction for the first time and I found it with Alaric!

Alaric not only released my true and unbeknownst issues to the surface, but he also gave me all the immediate tools designed to renegotiate and lean into these barriers I placed in my way. Only then was I able to truly heal and then begin to help those around me. He taught me how to filter my experiences so that even "bad" can be used for good—turning all pain into powerful information for growth. I began to realize that our life can and will be as amazing as we intend it to be, no matter our past mistakes. He introduced me to new belief systems, which I hold dear to this day, that are absolutely responsible for allowing me to live in the present with contentment, peace, and joy.

I am a different person now than the day I met Alaric and was introduced to his teachings and support. I positively can thank him for my brilliantly happy marriage, my new adoring outlook on life, my relationship with my children, my success at work, my exciting future, and even a new spirituality that I didn’t know I had in me.  

Thank You Alaric for helping me and so many others that I have met!

If you are looking for something a little more out of life in any way. Or if you are in need of serious help and have exhausted your resources, stop by and give Alaric just a moment of your time. I promise it will re-energize you to get back into your life and rock this incredible yet short time we all have to live and enjoy.

June 16, 2018


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