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Healing Critical Stress


Dan Frantz

Project Manager - Christian 

I went through what I would explain as a serious nervous breakdown, which finally prompted me to reach out and set up weekly sessions with Alaric. I felt it in my heart and soul to reach out to Alaric for help months earlier but never did. As I think about it now, I probably have been having a nervous breakdown for months or even years while haphazardly managing through it. 


Between the stress of work, personal financial responsibilities, health situations with loved ones, relational challenges within marriage and an overall doubt of self worth—I never could feel stable and confident with my feelings or emotions. My reactions to situations were completely out of whack. I would let the smallest of things throw me off the rails.


Now as a man, all this talk about emotions and feelings is silly right? I was brought up with the belief that admitting I need help equals weakness. Men should be strong, constantly in control, stable, unshaken, show little to no emotion, and be solid... right? On the contrary, I believe a mentally and emotionally healthy man is able to embrace his feelings and emotions. To utilize them with his loved ones and others in his life to their fullest extent. The strong silent type I feel is honestly overrated. Why deny yourself those joys of life? And it’s OK to say "I need help”, which thank God I did! 


Alaric has a way about him. He is genuine and kind. Nonjudgmental and caring yet honest and true in his views and methods, which I found extremely easy to connect with. He does not patronize you and tell you what you want to hear—he tells you what you most likely need to hear and invites you to be open to receive it. This is not counseling. This is coaching and training. You learn, you do the work, you have the tools and are able to better yourself.


I respect him. And for males respect is a major building block in the foundation of any relationship, personal or professional. I feel completely comfortable sharing my struggles, demons and views with Alaric. It's not only a discovery of myself but of another person's experiences which I believe sharing is the best way to learn and grow.


Coming from a Christian background I have certain views and beliefs that I've been taught. Keeping an open mind I am learning many different viewpoints that allow me to enhance those Christian values and even see things in more colors. It’s like my my Crayola Box of 54 has now been expanded to a box of 108. 


The Living Peace teachings and this Zen Philosophy is all completely new to me. I appreciate the way Alaric coaches and uses practical methods that you can wrap your mind around. I tend to be more tactical and find learning this way far more enjoyable than simply doing work from a book or self help guide. This is not a hippy type of Philosophy. This is real stuff you can immediately take with you and use to better yourself.


I really dig this journey that I am on. Alaric will be moving from my area of Arizona soon so this will be a short chapter but one that is filled with enlightenment and discovery. I am thankful for his studies and the work he does, providing me with tools and building blocks to use as I continue on my path. His generosity, patience, and fun yet calm spirit will not be forgotten. With real work and a open mind, your world can become a kinder place too.

May 2018


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