Dunisha Program

Student Syllabus

The purpose of the Dunisha Student Program is to provide an affordable and accessible way for people to learn our unique teachings and practices of inner peace. Our month to month format and weekly homework provides an excellent structure for self-study combined with gentle guidance throughout, and the transformative monthly peace coaching session.


By the end of each month students will have a strong understanding of the core teachings covered, a further developed and applied peace practice, and experiences of self-healing (which is a by-product of doing this work).


Whether completing only one month or all nine, students are guaranteed to walk away with a greater understanding of Self and the ability to more effectively direct the flow of their life through peace, perseverance, and loving kindness. 


Month One

Week 0: Introductory Peace Coaching Session

Week 1: Reading: Mastery of Thought

Week 2: Journaling Due:

Week 3: Journaling Due:

Week 4: Essay Due: Month One: Mastery of Thought

                 : Two hour session

Month Two

Week 5: Reading: Mastery of Impulse

Week 6: Journaling Due:

Week 7: Journaling Due:

Week 8: Essay Due: Month One: Mastery of Impulse

                 : Two hour session

Month Three

Week 9: Reading: Mastery of Emotion

Week 10: Journaling Due:

Week 11: Journaling Due:

Week 12: Essay Due: Month One: Mastery of Emotion

                 : Two hour session



Introductory Coaching Session: the introductory session establishes the vital foundation from which to start the studentship journey. It provides opportunity for the student to ask questions and the teacher to better understand the student’s mind, intentions, strengths, and areas of extra focus.


Reading: reading the designated chapters in Living Peace is an excellent companion tool for the student's journaling and developing peace practice. Additionally, the book will be used as a reference for writing the monthly essay.


Journaling: not only does the journaling homework help with deep introspection for each student, it also gives the Dunisha teacher insight into the student’s subconscious mind, behaviors, and belief systems. This helps the teacher personally tailor follow up questions and insights to be emailed back or covered during the two hour session.


Essay: the monthly essay beautifully brings together the teachings learned, practices applied, and insights gained. It helps students further solidify the teachings in their subconscious mind through the art of writing, critical thinking, and putting what has been learned into their own words.


Due Dates: the Dunisha teacher schedules time in advance to read and provide feedback for the student's journaling. Due dates are important as to not disrupt the “behind the scene” scheduling that occurs. Additionally, this structured approach keeps students progressing in a timely manner.


Skipped Months: for students who miss four weeks or more between the monthly packets, a “check in” peace coaching session is required before resuming their studentship. $85.00


Program Costs

$85.00: Introductory Peace Coaching Session

$200.00: Monthly Program Cost (prepaid)

                 : or :

$85.00: Introductory Peace Coaching Session

$540.00: Quarterly Program Cost (prepaid)

                 : $60.00 Savings


$129.00: Peace Coaching Session Cost

$85.00: With Studentship Discount

                 : $44.00 Savings (33%)

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