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Mental Hoarding - Life Cleanse Week 1

Have you prepared your mind and heart for spring?

How we enter each seasonal year matters greatly. A tree that holds onto its leaves from the past year gives little room for new growth come spring.

Mental Hoarding, Midwinter Cleanse

Midwinter to Spring Blessings

February 1st marks the start of our spiritual year in Dunisha. Based on the seasons, Midwinter occurs between the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st) and the Spring Equinox (March 21st). We've reached winter's peak, when Yin energy summits and gives way for the return journey of Yang energy. This is a time of great mental and emotional, physical and spiritual preparation as we ready ourselves for the coming spring.

We begin our annual Seven Week Cleanse, leading up to the equinox, with each week symbolizing a different area of life based off the Living Peace Code. This week is Mastery of Thought & Mental Hoarding.

“Imagine thoughts like leaves falling from a tree. Have you allowed yourself to truly rest this winter? Or have you been holding tight to things that have long passed their expiration date? Negative or positive—it's all the same. We must learn to let go and give room for new experiences and the freshness of this moment to bloom."

Like a dead leaf upon a branch, it remains yet it provides no nourishment. The same applies to the memories we use to keep us warm at night, or the thoughts we cling to that cause us to suffer yet act as armor against the world. However, letting these memories go and leaves fall can nourish us, as they add to the soil of our life that we may ground ourselves upon with sturdy awareness.

This week, take note of the thoughts and memories that have already been resurfacing this year:

  • Are they pulling you out of being present in your current reality?

  • Are they feeding emotions, beliefs, or behaviors that don't benefit you or the people your life impacts?

  • Are they keeping you from fully moving forward into new experiences?

Take note of them, and begin to consciously put them to rest as the wisdom of winter teaches us.

How we enter each seasonal year matters greatly. A tree that holds onto it's leaves from the past year gives little room for new growth come spring.

In Dunisha, each themed week leading up to the equinox we write down what we are not taking with us into spring. Any dead leaves upon our branches that are holding on we allow to fall. Come the Spring Equinox, we gather all these "leaves" and bless them before our final goodbye, as we welcome in the light of a new growing season.

In peace,


Link to Life Cleanse Week 2: Seeing Our Self Deceptions


The video below is the Dunisha sermon giving by Rev. Alaric Hutchinson covering this blog's topic. Filmed on February 2nd, 2020.

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