About Peace Training

“Each of you is perfect the way you are . . . and you can use a little improvement."

― Shunryu Suzuki

Whether we feel like we're falling apart, that our life is the best it's ever been, or maybe we feel somewhere in between; in Dunisha we recognize that everything is impermanent. Like our beautiful planet, our life goes through continuous seasons of change. Our aim is to embrace these changes gracefully, even amidst pain, and learn to cultivate and eventually embody peace in all areas of life.

$100 ⎢ one hour

Inner Peace Coaching

A blend of modern psychology with eastern philosophyreceive powerful insights into the nature of your mind, emotional wellness, and behavioral patterns. Whatever blocks you from inner peace will be unveiled, with personalized guidance and practices to assist in its cultivation.

$15.95 ⎢ available on Amazon

Living Peace Book

Read the book that started it all. Nine teachings and practices to help guide you on a self-healing journey towards inner peace.

Recommended reading for clients and required for students as it is used to accompany sessions.

Preview book: Living Peace

Coming soon

Monthly Studentship

Prerequisite: Inner Peace Coaching

Having taught students for over a decade, Alaric is currently working on an updated student program accessible long-distance with options for personalized weekend or week-long retreats at Earth Spirit Lodge.

Peace is the foundation we build our life upon

Areas of Exploration

  • Confident Communication & Relationships

Two things influence our life, possibly more than anything else―the way we communicate and how we navigate our relationships. How to cultivate healthy and happy relationships is one of Alaric's greatest personal strengths and passionate areas to coach people in.

  • Handling Stress, Addictions, & Anxieties

How we cope with pain and insecurity manifests in many ways, not all of which are healthy or helpful. Train with Alaric to receive effective tools to overcome even the most difficult of addictions and crippling anxieties.

  • Healing New & Old Wounds

Trauma can become a haunting expectation of reality, coloring and shaping how we perceive and experience life. Make room in your heart and mind for happiness to bloom once more with the Living Peace teachings that assist in self-healing.

  • Heartache, Heartbreak, and Heart Healing

Grief is a powerful feeling that can last for years, but it doesn't have to. Learn effective ways on how to cope with loss and the changing tides of life that will lead to peace of heart and mind even amidst future painful transitions.

  • Family Karma & Reconciliation

We don't need to carry on the unresolved karma of our parents, nor pass our own onto our children. Find the root of your karmic patterns and receive guidance on breaking the chain, or rather, mending it.

  • Teen Life Skills & Emotional Alignment

The rite of passage into adulthood is wrought with many challenges and every generation has it's unique set of struggles. Depression, suicidal idealization, self-worth, and healing emotional trauma from abuse are areas Alaric specializes in with teens.

  • Spiritual Questions & Finding Meaning

Every religion has a different answer when it comes to finding the meaning of life. But what if you don't fully resonate with any particular approach? Learn new ways, free of religious dogma, that help you create a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.