About Peace Training

“Each of you is perfect the way you are . . . and you can use a little improvement."

― Shunryu Suzuki

Whether we feel like we're falling apart, that our life is the best it's ever been, or maybe we feel somewhere in between; in Dunisha we recognize that everything is impermanent. Like our beautiful planet, our life goes through continuous seasons of change. Our aim is to embrace these changes gracefully, even amidst pain, and learn to cultivate and eventually embody peace in all areas of life.

Peace is the foundation we build our life upon

  • Intro to Peace Coaching

Sit down with an expert in human psychology, behavior, and relationship dynamics. Ask questions about making peace with inner and outer emotional turmoil, addictive tendencies, past or current trauma, repeated patterns of self-sabotaging behavior, and how to remedy relationship conflicts.

  • Life Coaching for Inner Peace

Going through an emotionally or mentally difficult time? Sign up for a single or a month-long coaching experience, working through specific challenges in your life. Note: for people who feel overall okay in their life but want to grow, the Dunisha Studentship is instead recommendedwhereas people struggling emotionally better benefit from a month of Life Coaching first.

  • Dunisha Studentship​

Develop a consistent home and work practice of living a lifestyle of inner peace. Students receive a one-hour training session every other week accompanied by a unique student packet per month. These packets include powerful introspective journaling questions and peace teachings exclusive to this program. Minimum three month commitment.

$155 ⎢ 75-90minutes              

Intro to Peace Coaching

An excellent introduction. Bring your questions to this session and receive transformative insight into your personal psychology and behavior through the lens of Zen philosophy. Money back guarantee.

$115 ⎢ 45-60 minutes     $400 ⎢ 4pck

Life Coaching - Inner Peace

Prerequisite: Intro to Peace

Share what's weighing on your heart or mind to receive guidance and peace practices that will help bring balance to your life, happiness to your heart, and peaceful clarity to your mind.

Buy the book: Living Peace


Dunisha Studentship

Prerequisite: Intro to Peace

Embark on a journey of learning our core Dunisha philosophy and lifestyle of inner peace. Work through the nine Living Peace tenets as you develop a a consistent home practice.