Our Sanctuary

A place of peace. A place of calm. A place of refuge.

A Story of Becoming

The heart of the sanctuary is Earth Spirit Lodge, which was built in the late 70's and has been a retreat and vacation destination ever since. As the property and lodge changed names and ownership over the years, the loving care always remained.

Ever since he was a child, Alaric Hutchinson dreamed of having a retreat and refuge of peace in the forests of Colorado. This was in stark contrast to his youth spent in the uniquely beautiful desert landscapes of Arizona.

Unknowing at the time, for years Alaric and his family would drive by the lodge every summer as they made their way to their annual vacation spot above Wolf Creek Pass.

Today, Alaric and his husband, Andrew, have brought new life to the lodge and now sanctuary. Families come to make fun memories, couples enjoy romantic getaways, and individuals enjoy peaceful retreats.

For locals, the Dunisha Sanctuary fosters a vibrant community that meets weekly on Sundays and hosts monthly events. 

Why Peace?

After years of being in the "feel good & be well" industry, Alaric continued meeting people who had read countless self-help books, put in an abundant amount of hours in classes, workshops, and counseling—yet so many continued struggling with the same issues, year after year. Alaric even found himself among them, all the while still preaching the success messages of happiness amidst his own lack of personal results!

Eventually Alaric wrote Living Peace and began literally living peace—embodying everything he taught. Over time, his life did change and so did the lives of everyone who practiced with him.

Why peace? Because it's the foundational principle that the rest of our lives can be built upon. Many preach love, which is noble, yet without a consistent source of inner peace even love can become a source of grief, manipulation, and pain. When we place peace first, life naturally has a way of falling into place. We learn to remain emotionally stable and strong, even amidst uncertainty and discomfort. Never again do we use "love", or any other justification, as an excuse for us to cause harm to ourselves or others.

We practice peace daily so that we can love unconditionally and show up fully in life—with an open heart, mind, and spirit.