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A Road to Wellness

Please first read our Life Coaching tab to receive clear understanding on our approach to healing and therapy before booking a Reiki or Reading session.

Spiritually Inspired, Psychologically Explained

We use Reiki as a catch-all word and gateway for deep relaxation. Lying fully clothed on a massage table, we combine the nurturing power of physical touch, essential oils, calming music, herbal teas, and guided meditation to create a full sensory deeply relaxing experience. This is healing not because of spiritual powers - but rather the psychology of allowing the mind-body to shift from sympathetic (fight/flight) mode to parasympathetic (rest/digest) mode. The body naturally begins to heal itself when in a relaxed state.


How is this different than a massage? With our expertise in accessing and understanding the subconscious mind, we invite our clients to share what's been weighing on their heart and mind to then offer professional guidance for healing various psychological, familial, and worldly stressors. Although we love assisting our clients in the moment to feel peace, we want to also provide teachings and practices that they can carry forward into their daily life.

Alaric has been a Reiki practitioner and teacher for twelve years, with a traditional understanding of its Japanese and Eastern philosophical origins, not commonly taught in America.


We use Tarot Readings to help further access the human subconscious. Psychic divination is not as useful as actually learning how to direct the flow of one's life. But how do we become "Self-Masters"? By understanding our mind and having the tool's necessary to heal and make peace with it.

Traditionally, the cards within tarot are a journey that represents the human psychological archetypes. Thus, whatever card you draw provides an opportunity for discussion that prompts deeper insight into your Self. Combined with modern psychology, it is a useful tool for "seeing where you are at today" and thus "where you are likely to be tomorrow." What's the best way to know your future? Look down and see where your feet are pointed today.

Energy Healing

$150 ⎢ single  or  $500 ⎢ four

Reiki Healing

My unique approach to reiki is helping the mind-body shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode regarding the nervous system. That is, teaching people how to effectively train the mind towards the peaceful rest and digest state vs flooding the body daily with stress hormones due to the fight-flight-freeze response when feeling triggered. For those curious in Reiki's spiritual origins, I'm also happy to teach that as well.

  • Mind/Body Relax for Peace & Healing State

  • Clarity on "Emotional Blocks" Caught in the Body

  • Process & Release Emotional Pain for Deep Healing

Tarot Card Deck

$75 ⎢ half-hour or  $150 ⎢ hour

Tarot Card Reading

With tarot, I love using it not as divination but as a useful guide and tool into accessing the human subconscious. What’s the best way to tell where you’re heading tomorrow? Look at the direction your feet are pointing today. For even skeptics, the story of the tarot works surprisingly well and unlocks new pathways of understanding and topics of conversation that enrich our coaching sessions.

  • Current Life Overview or Six Month Reading

  • Work or Relationship Questions / Blocks

  • Clarity on Repeating Karmic Patterns

If you're ready for more...

Our student program, although also a healing journey, is excellent for hearts and minds that already have reached some state of balance. Doing the studentship amidst a life crisis or heavy distractions is simply not conducive for effective progress to be made. Thus, it's recommended to start with Life Coaching to first resolve any major conflicts in your life.

 ~ A deeply enriching and enlightening experience ~

In our studentship, you work directly with Alaric 1:1 each week (or every other week) for a number of months, progressing through the core teachings of Dunisha: Living Peace: Philosophy, Living Joy: Psychology, Living Earth: Spirituality.

Each week contains a new discovery to be made as you delve deeper into the teachings and learn peace practices that will enrich your life and expand your mind. As you progress through the program, each week also contains specialized homework that assists you in accessing your subconscious mind, strengthening your self-discipline and self-mastery, while cultivating a genuine sense of being "at peace" and "in joy" with life.

Additionally, throughout the entirety of your studentship, you will also be receiving life coaching for any questions or difficulties that may unexpectedly arise as you walk this journey.


On a concluding note, please know that the teachings, practices, and coaching all beautifully interweave forming an enlightening web of learning that will last you for the rest of your life. Below are a sampling of some testimonials from past clients and students.



Amazing and compassionate, I had a reading with Alaric that was sooo accurate and delivered in the best manner. Not only did I get clarity on what my next move is, but blockages which seemed to be stopping me were suddenly released. This kind of service, in my humble opinion, is absolutely priceless. — Maria C

I've had my fair share of readings-psychic and tarot but Alaric was one of my best! Beyond accurate with what is happening in my life now and was able to easily express what the cards had to say with amazing articulation.Leslie M

I can't recommend Alaric enough. After just one session I experienced a huge shift in an area of my life which had been a major issue for me for many, many years. I've been around the international spiritual healing community for a very long time and Alaric is undoubtedly the real thing. I left with a lasting feeling of peacefulness and enthusiasm to continue my spiritual work.
He is a true blessing! — Sarah B

Alaric is the real deal! He is a sage for his age, and I can't express enough how dialed into people he is, spot on, and gets straight to the point. I was so spiritually moved and left feeling calm, peaceful, and full of love.  He has authored his own stellar book on Living [in] Peace; comprised of 9 tenets and practicum that helps anyone from any walk of life take strides at their own pace to obtain inner peace for themselves. His book is an invaluable tool for navigating through this topsy-turvy world we live in. I recommend Alaric's services and his book, so please don' hesitate to visit with Alaric in person or over the phone. He will get you back on your path to healing and living a peaceful life! — Lisa B

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